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Steps to Buying a Property in the Four Corners Area

1. Consultation
If you are considering buying a property in the Four Corners Area, consult with The Wallace Team at 4 Corners Properties to see what the Buyers’ goals and expectations are.

2. Lending
One of the first steps a Buyer needing financing should do is contact a lender. This allows us as a group to figure out what a Buyer is qualified for financially and points us in the right directions in our search for the RIGHT property. If a Buyer does not know of any lenders The Wallace Team can refer some great very professional lenders.

3. Price Point
Once we know a price point for our Buyer we can then begin a broad search of properties and allow the buyer to narrow down exactly what they are looking for.

4. Property Search
Once we narrow down our search, it is The Wallace Team’s responsibility to gather information on said properties and set up showings if that is desired. This process can take time, which is fine with The Wallace Team because we want to get our clients the RIGHT property not the most convenient property.

5. Contract Negotiation
When the RIGHT property is found we help the Buyer through the entire process from negotiating the contact to signing at the closing table.

6. Contract Contingencies
The Wallace Team will guide the Buyer through the entire transaction, paying special attention to certain contact contingencies that are crucial to a successful real estate transaction.

7. Closing
The Wallace Team will be with Buyers to the very end when they are signing closing documents. The home buying experience can be very overwhelming and it is something a person might only do once in their lifetime. Allow us to ease your mind during the process and get you exactly what you are looking for.

Buying a Property in the Four Corners Area? Contact The Wallace Team.

Buyer Agency

The Wallace Team, in most circumstances, always likes to represent our Buyers in a Buyer Agency. This Buyer Agency allows The Wallace Team to promote the interest of the Buyer with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. This means we are able to negotiate on behalf of the Buyer and act as a complete advocate for the Buyer as well. In Buyer Agency we are able to use our knowledge and experience to get the Buyer the best terms they can possibly get when purchasing real estate.

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